Discussing Assisted Living and Home Health Care with Seniors

Bringing up the topic of assisted living or home health care with a senior loved one can be a difficult subject to broach.The ultimate decision has to be made by them, but if you, as the child, believe they should start considering the idea, taking it slow is the best method of approach.It’s unlikely that any conversation you have with them about the subject will be concluded in just one sitting.These types of decisions take time, and your senior loved one might need time to warm up to the idea.

When you are discussing it, approach the subject as you might to inspire them about a new adventure.The senior needs to know that you are only concerned with their safety and well-being. Ask questions like:

  • If you could, how would you balance assisted care and independence?
  • Throughout the day, do you often find yourself thinking you might like to be around other people?
  • Are you managing your daily tasks without much assistance? Or do you feel like you need some help?

Be supportive by listening to what matters most to them. They might have an idea of what they would like out of assisted living or home health care, and you can help them refine their wants and needs by asking just a few questions like:

  • What activities do you see yourself doing in an assisted living community?
  • What are the daily requirements that you have for yourself?
  • What features are you most interested in an assisted living community?

Research the communities on their behalf and think about items like safety, meals, and socialization.Assisted living communities, just by virtue of what they are help seniors in all of these aspects of daily living.It’s best to have a checklist available for each, but the senior will likely live with greater safety, more nutritious meals, and enjoy increased socialization by moving to an assisted living community. An in-home health care situation will also provide them with greater safety, meals that are better for them, and increased socialization. Always Best Care assists families find appropriate living solutions for their senior members’ unique needs, for FREE.

If you are interested in finding out more information about in-home health care in Raleigh or Apex, NC, call 919-724-4297 today to find out how you can get a free consultation. Always Best Care has been in the business of compassionate senior care for 20 years, and they look forward to working with you.


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