Seniors can Utilize Technology to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Not many people remember party lines, but in the past a telephone call used to be a group event, and now, with technological advances occurring every day, people are able to keep in touch face-to-face through the use of these amazing technologies. Now, loved ones can see each other as if they were standing right next to one another, and when there’s an enormous distance, that privilege is more than welcome. These days, there are even devices that are tailor-made for seniors, keeping their needs fully in mind.

Smart Phones: Sometimes, people over a certain age can be intimidated by smart phones, however, they are an ideal device for keeping in touch with loved ones. The Apple iPhone has always been a popular favorite among consumers, and for seniors it works doubly well because the settings can create large, bold text that is easy to read. It also allows navigation controls to become more prominent on the screen, which benefits seniors.

PC (Personal Computer): There are now senior-friendly computers that come standard with big button menus, options to easily aid screen visibility, and easy typing. These laptops are affordable and some come with the option for a monthly payment plan that gives the senior access to customer support, virus protection, etc.

Tablets: Senior-friendly tablets are also being manufactured. The features on these include large screens with large text and easy navigational features, medication reminders, daily wellness surveys (for health monitoring), are very portable, and some can even alert family members through email if something is amiss with the senior.

While these technological gadgets work wonders in bringing families close together even though they may be far apart, they can never replace a warm hug. Visiting senior loved ones is truly the best gift to give them, but in the meantime, utilizing these technological advances for interpersonal connections is a great way to use modern day gadgetry.

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