Seniors: Breaking a Hip Can Increase Your Risk of Death

There are many reasons why seniors become more susceptible to falls than when they were younger. There’s declining bone density, declining muscle strength, increase in number of medications they are taking, failing vision, and more. One out of every three seniors falls every year, and some of these lead to physical complications that are irreversible. Breaking a hip is one of the most common complications from a fall (95% of hip fractures are caused by falls), so it’s important to know about these dangers and how to avoid them.

Who is most at risk?

While all seniors are – generally – at risk of falling, there are other factors that come into play including:

  • Women are more likely to fall than men
  • People of Asian and Caucasian ethnicity are more prone to falls
  • People who are small boned are more at risk
  • People who are slender are more at risk
  • Those who don’t exercise regularly are more prone to falls
  • People who don’t eat a nutritious diet that keeps bones strong are more at risk
  • Those with alcohol or drug addictions are more prone to falling
  • People who have cluttered homes are also more likely to fall

What can you do to prevent a fall?

  • Keep a journal or log of all of your medications. Know which ones have side effects that include dizziness, tiredness, etc. Take these at night before bed if possible. Talk to your doctor if these side effects become a problem.
  • Assess your home. What types of hazards are in your home? This can include rugs that aren’t tacked down properly, cords that are in the path of traffic, an absence of grab bars in the bathtub, insufficient lighting, and unstable furniture. Get help to rectify these problems.
  • See your eye doctor annually. When you can’t see well, you’re more likely to trip and fall. A regular visit to the doctor will help you stay alert.
  • Exercise regularly. This will help strengthen your body in general, and make you less prone to falls.

Seniors who live in the Raleigh area, who are interested in learning about assisted living in Raleigh NC or Cary assisted living, are encouraged to call the Always Best Care Raleigh location at 919-724-4297 to set up a free consultation. They look forward to talking with you!


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