Seniors: How You Can Avoid These Common Scams

There are always scammers out there looking to take advantage of those who will let them. Unfortunately, seniors sometimes find themselves in a position where they get scammed because they are good natured, good hearted, suffering from dementia, and fearful that family members may be in danger. Scammers earn their money from bilking others out of theirs, so it’s important to know which scams are the most common ones seniors often fall prey to.

  1. Scams over email. These often take the form of supposed lottery winnings, investment “opportunities,” and a plead for financial assistance in lieu of a bigger financial payout. Other types of email scams include receiving an email from what appears to be a valid institution. The email will request banking information and because it looks legitimate, the individual may comply.

    What to do: Never give out sensitive information over email. This includes social security numbers, banking account numbers, passwords, etc.

  2. Home improvement & repair scams. This happens when “friendly” people offer to fix items around the home or even when the car is taken in for repair. Fees will be increased to exorbitant amounts and if dementia has set in, the senior may find themselves falling for the same scam over and over.

    What to do: Don’t approve any repairs or charges without writing down what’s being done and/or asking a friend or family member for assistance.

  3. Grandparents scam. This is particularly vicious because it involves the senior’s family members. The scammer will call the senior and pretend to be one of their grandchildren. The scammer will say that they are in trouble and need assistance in the way of money, and ask for it to be wired to a certain location.

    What to do: Hopefully, the voice of the caller will give it away that it is not a member of the family, but if this isn’t the case, call the family members closest to the “child in trouble” to be sure that they are safe and sound.

Always Best Care has been providing exceptional and compassionate senior care since 1996. With locations all over the United States and Canada, they provide only the best caregivers who are always employees, never contractors. Seniors living in the Raleigh area who are interested in learning about senior living in Raleigh or Raleigh assisted living are encouraged to call the Always Best Care Raleigh location at 919-724-4297 to set up a free care consultation.


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