Seniors: Ways to Overcome Transportation Obstacles

Those between the ages of 16 and 75 often take driving privileges for granted. Jumping into the car and heading to wherever you need to go is a given for most of us, that is, until the time when a chronic illness or some other type of obstacle gets in the way. Seniors are the biggest age group to become isolated with little or no access to transportation. They often struggle with driving due to various reasons and their isolation can lead to depression, which can result in a host of other physical and mental impairments. It is a good idea to start thinking about alternatives to driving that you may not have thought of or heard about before.

  1. Public transportation – While many people might cringe at the thought of taking the public bus, it’s a viable, worthwhile and inexpensive way to get around. If you aren’t sure how to use the bus system in your community, ask a trusted friend, loved one or call the senior center nearest you. They will be happy to help you out.
  2. Utilize Lyft and Uber – Both of these transportation giants have now taken steps to make it easier and more comfortable for older adults to use their service. Now, there is no need to have a Smartphone, Great Call (through Lyft) lets seniors call a live operator for fast and friendly service.
  3. Walking – Remember when you were a kid and you walked to the corner store for milk? Well, if you’re in relatively good shape and the store is relatively close, then why not walk? Just remember that it is best not to venture out on cold, icy days. There are plenty of days during the spring, summer and fall when walking will feel restorative and get you out of the house.
  4. Try the Eldercare Locator – Do a Google search, put in your zip code and a list of resources will become available to you for you to utilize all types of senior programs, transportation methods included.

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Don’t Be Fooled by These Food Substitutes

Most of us want to be healthier because we know it will lead to increased immunity, less risk of disease (lowered inflammation), and ultimately an increase in overall quality of life. So, we switch out certain foods for other foods, in the hopes that we are reducing calories, reducing trans-fat intake, and being healthier. However, most foods that we think to swap in for bad ones are just as unhealthy as the original foods. Here is a short list:

  • Swapping Out: Potato Chips/ Swapping In: Pretzels. It might seem like pretzels are the healthier choice because they aren’t fried in oil like chips, however, calorically they are nearly exactly the same. A better swap? Stove popped popcorn – but don’t drench it in melted butter and handfuls of salt!
  • Swapping Out: Dark Chocolate/ Swapping In: Fat-free Candy. Don’t be fooled by the “fat free” label – just because something doesn’t have fat, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. A small bit of dark chocolate will satisfy most sweet-tooth cravings, and also offers a number of proven health benefits.
  • Swapping Out: Soda/ Swapping In: Vitamin Drink. Anything with the word “vitamin” in the label automatically gives it a healthier “feel,” right? Sure it does. However, both soda and Vitamin Water are loaded with sugar. Try plain water instead with a wedge of lemon or lime.
  • Swapping Out: Sandwiches/ Swapping in: Energy Bars. Again, the word “energy” gets people abuzz and thinking that what they are eating has got to be healthy. But, the truth of the matter is, energy bars are generally loaded with added sugar and more calories than anyone’s diet allows.
  • Swapping Out: White Bread/ Swapping In: Wheat Bread. If the wheat bread you are buying isn’t 100% whole wheat bread, you’re just replacing one unhealthy bread for another. Read the label to be sure.

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Make Visiting Fun for Grandkids with These Activities

Make Visiting Fun for Grandkids with These Activities

It’s always a special time for seniors when grandkids come to visit them. But sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming for children because they aren’t used to visiting an assisted living community and don’t know what to expect. It’s best to have some activities planned ahead of time so that seniors and their grandkids can not only make the most of their time together, but truly bond in the process.

Fun Grandkid Activities

  • Everybody loves scavenger hunts! Make a list of items that the grandkids can collect in your own apartment/room and in the common areas and pathways around the community. Challenges and puzzles are fun for everyone and the grandkids will get a kick out of touring the grounds with you as well as locating items on your list.
  • Play cards! The only requirements for this are a flat surface and a deck of cards! There are plenty of child-appropriate card games to play including War, Crazy Eights, Concentration, Go Fish, Hearts, Old Maid, Rummy, etc.
  • It’s Movie Time! Make a list together of all of the fun movies you and your grandkids can watch together. There are plenty of classics as well as modern day movies that you’ll both find enjoyable including ET, Parent Trap, Home Alone, etc.
  • Look through photo albums! Grandkids sometimes don’t even realize that you, too, were once their age, they will delight in seeing pictures proving this fact. Or, if none are available, any pictures of you and them will do.
  • Read together! Pass along your love of reading and read a chapter book with your grandchild. Read one chapter to them, and have them read one to you, it’s an exciting way to both learn and a positive reinforcement every time they return – because they won’t be able to wait and see what happens next.

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