How Seniors Benefit from Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves inserting needles into the skin to relieve pain and help treat disease. Due to the fact that most seniors take over 27 prescriptions every year (some more than five per day), acupuncture is a non-medicinal strategy toward health and healing that holds many benefits for seniors.

No Prescriptions
One of the biggest benefits to acupuncture is the fact that there aren’t any prescriptions involved. Adverse drug reactions result in nearly one million emergency room visits every single year, with 100,000 of them resulting in death. Acupuncture provides pain relief and disease treatment without a prescription.

Regain State of Health
Acupuncture is centered around the idea that the body’s life force energy can be revitalized by pinpointing the twelve meridians of the body via acupuncture. Through this process, pathogens are released and the body is restored to a state of balance.

Respiratory System
Seniors often have respiratory issues. Acupuncture can help relieve acute sinusitis, acute rhinitis, the common cold and flu, and acute tonsillitis.

Mouth Disorders
As people age mouth disorders become very common due to years of dental neglect and/or a decrease in the amount of saliva produced causing dry mouth. Acupuncture can help treat gingivitis, toothaches, acute and chronic pharyngitis, post extraction pain, and TMJ disorders.

Eye Disorders
Seniors often deal with many eye disorders as well, mainly due to the process of aging. Acupuncture can help treat cataracts, acute conjunctivitis, and central retinitis myopia.

The most common type of arthritis that is treated via acupuncture is rheumatoid arthritis. Results include the reduction of swelling, arthritic inflammation, and relieving discomfort and pain. There are other types of arthritis which can’t be treated with acupuncture.

Mental & Emotional Problems
Seniors tend to suffer from mental and emotional issues more so than other age groups because of physical, mental, and social changes in their lives. Insomnia, depression, and anxiety are all able to be treated with acupuncture sessions.

Always Best Care has been providing exceptional, quality senior services to seniors all over the United States and Canada since 1996. During that time, they have assisted over 25,000 seniors maintain their independence and increase their overall quality of life. If you are a senior in the Raleigh area and are interested in learning about home care services in Clayton or home care in Morrisville, call the Raleigh location at 919-724-4297 to set up a free care consultation. They look forward to chat with you!!


Seniors: Be Aware of Driving & Medication Side Effects

Most people equate driving with freedom. This freedom – in the form of a driver’s license – is usually obtained in the late teen years with no real specific end. Driving is a complicated task that requires extreme focus and agility and sometimes various medications that seniors are taking can interfere with their ability to drive safely.

Seniors between the ages of 65 and 79 take over 27 prescriptions every single year, and taking just five prescriptions in a day can have a huge negative impact on driving ability. Over the counter medications often come with warning labels, and prescriptions do as well. Keep an open dialogue going with your pharmacist so that they can clearly tell you about any side effects that might hinder your driving ability.

How is driving impacted by daily medications?

  • Seniors may experience a slower than normal reaction time when they take certain medications.
  • Seniors may experience an increase in drowsiness
  • Seniors might have trouble with becoming easily distracted or trouble with concentrating
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Fainting
  • Excitability – making reactions unpredictable

Medications that can impair driving ability

  • Muscle relaxants
  • Allergy medications (the ones that cause drowsiness)
  • Sleeping pills
  • Anti-anxiety meds
  • Anti-depressants
  • Pain relievers
  • Certain OTC drugs
  • Certain herbal supplements
  • Diet pills
  • Stimulants

Consider Alternatives to Driving Yourself

While it’s nice to be able to get in your own car and drive yourself to wherever you need to go, if you must take certain medications that are causing you to have troublesome side effects, there are other options available for you. Consider:

  • Getting rides from family and friends
  • Use the public transportation system
  • Look into senior care services that are available to you
  • Ubers and other taxi services

The best first step is to list all of the medications (including vitamins and OTC products) so that you can share the list with your pharmacist or doctor. From there, they will be able to help you decide on possible alternate medications and any other options you might have.

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Want Information About In-Home Care In Raleigh? Contact Always Best Care Today

These days, more and more seniors are opting to stay in their homes for as long as possible before venturing into an assisted living facility. Home provides a warmth, comfort, and familiarity that nothing else can provide. But, for every senior, getting around and performing everyday tasks can become cumbersome and difficult. That’s why it’s important to start considering the idea of an in-home caregiver for assistance.

If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in in-home care in Raleigh, you can contact the Always Best Care Raleigh location to set up a free care consultation. During this consultation, one of their professional Care Coordinators will visit your home to discuss your care options with you. Regardless of the type of home health services in Garner you’re interested in, Always Best Care employs the finest caregivers that are compassionate and dedicated to their senior clients. They continually exceed expectations and are happy doing so.

What are some of the services you can expect from an in-home caregiver in Raleigh? The Always Best Care caregivers provide a number of services that fall within three categories: personal care, home helper, and companion services. By covering all of these categories, in-home caregivers allow their senior clients to make the most of their time doing the activities they enjoy. Some of the services include grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, vacuuming, pet and plant care, conversation about current and historical events, and so much more.

Always Best Care has been a highly-reputable in-home care provider since 1996, and has numerous locations all over North America. Their caregivers are not just licensed, highly-skilled and fully-trained professionals, they are also compassionate and dedicated to their senior clients. If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in information about home health options in Garner, or in-home care in Raleigh, you can call the Always Best Care Raleigh location at 919-724-4297 or email them at to set up a free care consultation. During this consultation, a professional Care Coordinator will visit you to discuss all of your needs: emotionally, physically, medically, spiritually, etc. This information is then compiled into a Care Plan, which is continually updated as your needs change. Trust Always Best Care for your in-home care needs, give them a call today!

Seniors: Put Money Back Into Your Wallet! How You Can Save $$ Today

Saving money is always smart. In today’s world, money seems to fly out the window as quickly as it comes in, and being able to afford what you really want, and have money for the things you really want to do is incredibly important. Sometimes, we take things for granted the way they are, and forget that we do have the power to change them. Read on to see how you can start saving money today!

  • Pay less to watch the shows you really want to watch. How? By getting rid of cable and satellite television. Yes, they offer hundreds of channels, but how many of them do you really watch? The average user spends over $1,000 every year on cable or satellite. What else could you spend a $1,000 on? So what can you put in its place? Try Hulu Plus, Amazon, or Netflix. These services are dirt cheap and offer hundreds of movies and television shows. They either stream through your internet or DVDs are delivered to your doorstep. You can also watch all of these available shows on your laptop or computer if you so desire!
  • Start taking control of what you watch on television and stop leaving it up to the networks. You have choices beyond cable, satellite, and even Netflix! Every town has a library and many libraries have a DVD selection. Now you can watch all of the movies you’ve always wanted to watch instead of mindlessly surfing through channels.
  • Continue to be able to watch your local television channels with an amplified antenna – an HDTV antenna costs between $15 and $50 but if you choose none of the above options, you’ll still be able to get 15-30 stations on your digital TV. Definitely a cost savings from cable or satellite TV!

Always Best Care has been in the industry of senior care giving for the past 20 years. Since 1996, they have assisted over 25,000 seniors maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in learning about Apex Home Care or want to get referrals for assisted living in Raleigh NC, call the Always Best Care Raleigh location today at (919) 724-4297 for a free consultation. They look forward to hearing from you!

Seniors: Get Your High-Dose Flu Shot & Stay Healthy

Influenza is serious regardless of the age of the patient, however, it is most serious in infants and seniors (people over age 65). This is due to immunity declining as we age, which enables seniors to contract the flu more easily than other adults, and also makes them more susceptible to asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis. The CDC estimates that 90% of all flu-related deaths occur in people over the age of 65. This statistic alone should prompt seniors to get their annual flu shot.

Seniors have the option to get a regular flu shot, or the high-dose vaccine. Fluzone, the vaccine designed specifically for people over 65, has a high dosage of the vaccine because sometimes the regular flu shot has been shown to be less effective in seniors. Regardless of which you choose it’s important to get vaccinated for the flu either way.

The High Dose Vaccine

Created specifically for seniors, this vaccine contains four times the antigen as the regular flu shot. Research has shown that seniors who receive the high dose vaccine had 24% fewer flu infections than those that received the regular flu shot. This version of the flu shot has been approved for use in the United States since 2009.

Other Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Frequently clean surfaces that receive a lot of hand-touching including keyboards, desks, phones, counters, doorknobs, light switches, etc.
  • Be proactive for your own good health including getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of fluids, eating nutritiously and managing your stress.
  • Try to avoid coming into contact with people who are sick.
  • Frequently wash your hands with hot, soapy water.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately if Symptoms Appear

Symptoms of the flu in seniors include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Pain/pressure in the chest or abdomen

For seniors who are especially at risk of developing severe complications due to the flu, antiviral drugs may be prescribed.

Always Best Care has been providing compassionate in-home care giving services to seniors for the past 20 years. If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in finding out more information about senior living in Raleigh, or Raleigh assisted living communities, please call the Always Best Care Raleigh location at 919-724-4297 to set up a free care consultation. They look forward to hear from you!

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy with a Smart, Nutrient-Rich Diet

When people think about their overall health, their kidneys are not usually on the list. However, our kidneys play a vital role in our well-being, it’s best to optimize kidney health and get kidney disease screenings if you’re over the age of 60. Chronic kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States, and most people aren’t even aware that they have it.

The kidneys act as a filter by processing out toxins and medications from the blood. If the kidneys are not functioning correctly, elimination of these substances is impeded and can have an adverse affect on the individual including not only safety hazards but also the possibility for cognitive impairment.

What Contributes to Chronic Kidney Disease?

People who have diabetes and high blood pressure are more prone to developing CKD. Age is another factor, as research has discovered that half of people over the age of 75 likely have kidney disease (and again, most are not even aware of it). Both diabetes and high blood pressure are directly related to diet so practicing good nutrition will help prevent the disease.

Smoking increases the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease, and, as people age, so does the incidence of prostate issues in men, and urinary tract infections in women.

Kidney stones are very common among seniors, especially those who are 75 and older, and can be debilitatingly painful.

Think DASH to Prevent Kidney Disease

DASH is an acronym designed to help those who have hypertension choose the right foods. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and emphasizes increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, decreasing the amount of animal proteins consumed, along with oils, fats, and sweets. It encourages the consumption of complex carbohydrates and low fat dairy. Not only will the DASH diet help prevent chronic kidney disease; it will also help prevent other issues such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, and others.

Do you live in the Raleigh area? Are you interested in learning about in-home care in Raleigh, or about Apex home health care? If you would like a free consultation to discuss your options for the future, contact the Always Best Care Raleigh location at 919-724-4297. They will be happy to sit down with you and create a customized care plan, and help you decide the path you should take for a bright and fruitful future.

Don’t Be Fooled by These Food Substitutes

Most of us want to be healthier because we know it will lead to increased immunity, less risk of disease (lowered inflammation), and ultimately an increase in overall quality of life. So, we switch out certain foods for other foods, in the hopes that we are reducing calories, reducing trans-fat intake, and being healthier. However, most foods that we think to swap in for bad ones are just as unhealthy as the original foods. Here is a short list:

  • Swapping Out: Potato Chips/ Swapping In: Pretzels. It might seem like pretzels are the healthier choice because they aren’t fried in oil like chips, however, calorically they are nearly exactly the same. A better swap? Stove popped popcorn – but don’t drench it in melted butter and handfuls of salt!
  • Swapping Out: Dark Chocolate/ Swapping In: Fat-free Candy. Don’t be fooled by the “fat free” label – just because something doesn’t have fat, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. A small bit of dark chocolate will satisfy most sweet-tooth cravings, and also offers a number of proven health benefits.
  • Swapping Out: Soda/ Swapping In: Vitamin Drink. Anything with the word “vitamin” in the label automatically gives it a healthier “feel,” right? Sure it does. However, both soda and Vitamin Water are loaded with sugar. Try plain water instead with a wedge of lemon or lime.
  • Swapping Out: Sandwiches/ Swapping in: Energy Bars. Again, the word “energy” gets people abuzz and thinking that what they are eating has got to be healthy. But, the truth of the matter is, energy bars are generally loaded with added sugar and more calories than anyone’s diet allows.
  • Swapping Out: White Bread/ Swapping In: Wheat Bread. If the wheat bread you are buying isn’t 100% whole wheat bread, you’re just replacing one unhealthy bread for another. Read the label to be sure.

Always Best Care has been providing in-home senior care and assisted living referrals to seniors all over the United States and Canada for the past 20 years. If you live in the Raleigh, NC area and are interested in getting information about Cary assisted living options or in-home care in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, or Garner, call the Always Best Care Raleigh location today at 919-724-4297 or email them at to set up a free consultation.