How to Really Stop & Smell the Roses: Create More Joy in Your Life

The number one reason someone is happy or not – is simply their own personal mindset. Everyone has stresses: the children, the parents, the house, the job, the car, money issues, relationship issues, stress is everywhere. The stresses, obligations and responsibilities in life aren’t going away. So, instead of trying to banish something that just won’t be banished, try changing your outlook.

  • Laughter is indeed, the best medicine. Laughter not only brings people together, it also decreases the amount of stress hormone in the body. Endorphins (the feel good hormone) are secreted – it’s a natural pain reliever. The bottom line? Laugh more, bond more, and feel even better.
  • Be a social butterfly, or at least, a social bee. It’s been proven by researchers that people who make an effort to socialize are happier and more content with their lives. Plus, socializing is likely to induce laughter (see above), and both will relieve stress.
  • The glass is half full. Optimism changes us, somehow. Practicing optimism changes our mindset but it also helps to boost the immune system. Levels of optimism are linked to DNA, however, there’s nothing saying a positive commitment toward optimism can’t be attempted.
  • Never underestimate the power of sleep. It’s simply underrated. It’s probably the best way to fight stress. How can you accomplish getting more sleep? Get up at the same time every day, don’t wait until you’re sleepy to go to bed, and get out of bed if you’re not sleeping.
  • Keep your priorities clear. Recognize that there are some things you can control, and some you can’t. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, make a list, and clearly outline what you will do daily to whittle away at the tasks.

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Could It Be Time For Memory Care?

The problem with “diagnosing” or even suspecting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is that, unlike other conditions, the onset can be slow going. Most people are familiar with the general symptoms such as confusion, disorientation, memory loss, etc., but there are other symptoms related to dementia that are not as commonly considered. Could it be time for memory care? Consider these situations.

  • Health management is going downhill. Dementia can cause people to forget to take their medications, or to take too much. Either one can lead to serious issues. It can also lead to seniors skipping meals and not eating nutritiously. Keep a close eye on both the senior’s eating habits and medication management.
  • They look different physically. A senior suffering from the onset of dementia may start to look inexplicably different. There may be weight changes, either a loss or gain, they may seem frail, and they may seem as though they’re unable to walk correctly and act as if they are confused about where they are going. Keep an eye on these sometimes subtle changes.
  • Loneliness is becoming profound. Those suffering from dementia are likely to display disruptive or unpredictable behavior, and so the family is reluctant to take them out of the house. A memory care living facility employs a professional staff that knows how to redirect, distract, and use other techniques to keep the senior lively and safe.
  • The caregiver is over-stressed. Caring for a dementia patient can be very taxing on a person. It’s not only mentally exhausting, it’s also physically draining. A caregiver who doesn’t get the stress relief and sleep they need is putting both the dementia patient and themselves at risk.
  • Worry, worry, worry. If you find yourself worrying about an individual with dementia all the time (they can become confused, they wander, they can become violent), then it might be time to enter the person into a memory care facility.

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