Seniors can Utilize Technology to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Not many people remember party lines, but in the past a telephone call used to be a group event, and now, with technological advances occurring every day, people are able to keep in touch face-to-face through the use of these amazing technologies. Now, loved ones can see each other as if they were standing right next to one another, and when there’s an enormous distance, that privilege is more than welcome. These days, there are even devices that are tailor-made for seniors, keeping their needs fully in mind.

Smart Phones: Sometimes, people over a certain age can be intimidated by smart phones, however, they are an ideal device for keeping in touch with loved ones. The Apple iPhone has always been a popular favorite among consumers, and for seniors it works doubly well because the settings can create large, bold text that is easy to read. It also allows navigation controls to become more prominent on the screen, which benefits seniors.

PC (Personal Computer): There are now senior-friendly computers that come standard with big button menus, options to easily aid screen visibility, and easy typing. These laptops are affordable and some come with the option for a monthly payment plan that gives the senior access to customer support, virus protection, etc.

Tablets: Senior-friendly tablets are also being manufactured. The features on these include large screens with large text and easy navigational features, medication reminders, daily wellness surveys (for health monitoring), are very portable, and some can even alert family members through email if something is amiss with the senior.

While these technological gadgets work wonders in bringing families close together even though they may be far apart, they can never replace a warm hug. Visiting senior loved ones is truly the best gift to give them, but in the meantime, utilizing these technological advances for interpersonal connections is a great way to use modern day gadgetry.

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Discussing Assisted Living and Home Health Care with Seniors

Bringing up the topic of assisted living or home health care with a senior loved one can be a difficult subject to broach.The ultimate decision has to be made by them, but if you, as the child, believe they should start considering the idea, taking it slow is the best method of approach.It’s unlikely that any conversation you have with them about the subject will be concluded in just one sitting.These types of decisions take time, and your senior loved one might need time to warm up to the idea.

When you are discussing it, approach the subject as you might to inspire them about a new adventure.The senior needs to know that you are only concerned with their safety and well-being. Ask questions like:

  • If you could, how would you balance assisted care and independence?
  • Throughout the day, do you often find yourself thinking you might like to be around other people?
  • Are you managing your daily tasks without much assistance? Or do you feel like you need some help?

Be supportive by listening to what matters most to them. They might have an idea of what they would like out of assisted living or home health care, and you can help them refine their wants and needs by asking just a few questions like:

  • What activities do you see yourself doing in an assisted living community?
  • What are the daily requirements that you have for yourself?
  • What features are you most interested in an assisted living community?

Research the communities on their behalf and think about items like safety, meals, and socialization.Assisted living communities, just by virtue of what they are help seniors in all of these aspects of daily living.It’s best to have a checklist available for each, but the senior will likely live with greater safety, more nutritious meals, and enjoy increased socialization by moving to an assisted living community. An in-home health care situation will also provide them with greater safety, meals that are better for them, and increased socialization. Always Best Care assists families find appropriate living solutions for their senior members’ unique needs, for FREE.

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Make Visiting Fun for Grandkids with These Activities

Make Visiting Fun for Grandkids with These Activities

It’s always a special time for seniors when grandkids come to visit them. But sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming for children because they aren’t used to visiting an assisted living community and don’t know what to expect. It’s best to have some activities planned ahead of time so that seniors and their grandkids can not only make the most of their time together, but truly bond in the process.

Fun Grandkid Activities

  • Everybody loves scavenger hunts! Make a list of items that the grandkids can collect in your own apartment/room and in the common areas and pathways around the community. Challenges and puzzles are fun for everyone and the grandkids will get a kick out of touring the grounds with you as well as locating items on your list.
  • Play cards! The only requirements for this are a flat surface and a deck of cards! There are plenty of child-appropriate card games to play including War, Crazy Eights, Concentration, Go Fish, Hearts, Old Maid, Rummy, etc.
  • It’s Movie Time! Make a list together of all of the fun movies you and your grandkids can watch together. There are plenty of classics as well as modern day movies that you’ll both find enjoyable including ET, Parent Trap, Home Alone, etc.
  • Look through photo albums! Grandkids sometimes don’t even realize that you, too, were once their age, they will delight in seeing pictures proving this fact. Or, if none are available, any pictures of you and them will do.
  • Read together! Pass along your love of reading and read a chapter book with your grandchild. Read one chapter to them, and have them read one to you, it’s an exciting way to both learn and a positive reinforcement every time they return – because they won’t be able to wait and see what happens next.

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Assisted Living Facts You Might Not Know

Assisted Living Facts You Might Not Know

In 2010, there were nearly 500,000 assisted living apartments spread among over 6,300 assisted living communities in the United States. There tends to be a lot of questions among seniors and their family before the move is made into an assisted living community, and there also tends to be some misinformation that circulates through the general public.

Assisted Living Communities are Each a Different Style

Before they make the move, seniors often worry that assisted living won’t be right for them. That they won’t “fit in” and they won’t like the atmosphere of the community. If this is, indeed, the case, all they have to do is visit another because no two are exactly alike. Even if they offer the same degree of care, one assisted living community might be small in size and offer a more cottage or homey-type setting, whereas larger communities might have a feeling of art deco or an urban setting and are perhaps more likely to offer a variety of recreational opportunities, interest clubs, etc.

Diversified Assisted Living Communities

As the United States and Canada population ages, senior cultural niches will also see an increase. Around the country more and more assisted living communities are springing up to cater to various dietary, language, religious and cultural demands of their clients. The old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together,” is a truism when it comes to assisted living, and seniors do well when they live and socialize with like-minded individuals.

Pets are Usually Allowed

Pets and seniors create a symbiotic relationship that greatly benefits them both. Most assisted living communities allow pets, while others have certain restrictions that you should look into beforehand. Many will allow birds and/or fish, and others have a weight restriction of 20 lbs or so on dogs and cats. More and more assisted living communities are allowing pets because of the fact that pets help improve quality of life (no matter what the age), so taking a beloved pet to an assisted living community will likely be approved.

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